No one is ever prepared to hear that their child has cancer. This news devastates nearly 13,000 families each year. CURE Childhood Cancer is passionately focused on solving cancers that affect children by supporting leading edge research that is the true nuts and bolts of getting to a cure. We are also driven by our deep humanity to help children battling cancer and their families through our crisis oriented support programs. Speedway Children's Charities shares our passion for children with cancer and has been a generous and loyal partner for years, ensuring that the special families we serve receive the critical assistance they need. With Speedway Children's Charities' help, CURE is able to provide an annual picnic for families of children with cancer. This special day is a day of renewal for so many of our families, allowing them to forget, even if just for a day, the illness that consumes them. It's a day of laughter and hope, a day to reconnect with each other and the joy that lives deep within each of us. Thousands of children and their families have been able to experience this joy because of the generous annual support of Speedway Children's Charities. What a difference you make in the lives of the families and children CURE serves!

Kristin Connor
Executive Director