Lanier National Speedway hosted the 2006 Raceceiver Legends/Thunder Roadsters Nationals with drivers from as far away as California, Maine, Texas, and even Alaska and Canada. The competition was intense and the action exciting from the start all the way to the final checkered flag of the event. It was truly amazing to see so much talent in one place with driver's ages ranging from 12 to 60. My name is Ron Rigdon from Lawrenceville, GA and I drive the number 28 car in the legends Masters Division. I was at the Nationals on behalf of the Speedway Children's Charities, asking for donations from the race teams participating in this event instead of racing. It was more important for me to help raise money than racing in the Nationals. A lot of drivers said that I was nuts for missing this opportunity to race in a national event. It was tremendously important to get the message out about the SCC to all of the race teams especially when there were more than 215 cars; seizing the opportunity. It was very successful raising over $1100 in two days The event coordinator and staff allowed me to speak at the drivers meeting. I told the drivers that we are all really blessed to be a part of the Nationals and as a racing community we could pull together with donations that could make the difference in a child's life. I also shared the fact that I am a 50 year old man with 4 grandchildren and God has truly blessed me with the opportunity and ability to drive a race car. For this reason I have devoted myself to helping God's children through the SCC and together we can make a difference. There were so many teams that came forward with a donation and are running a SCC support sticker on their car. Initially I set up a canopy and my car in the pits but when the races began I took the car up to the top for the fans to see. There was a young man, maybe 10 or 11, who came over to look at my race car. He had a hundred questions about the car but also inquired about the SCC. I explained that there were a lot of kids that would not be able to come and enjoy the races and I was there to help them. He pulled his little wallet out and dropped $3 in the donation jug. He stated that was his drink money but he would rather a needy child have the money. It blew me away to say the least, but proved that God has His hand on all of our hearts. I plan to completely devote myself to the SCC through my racing ( and by getting pledges from numerous businesses and individuals. They can make pledges based on laps, position, races, or by matching what I raise for the year. I am also committing my car dealership,, to $5 for every car sold from November 2006 through November 2007.and challenge others to do the same. My goal for next year is $15,000 and with God's help, I will be successful. Philippians 4:13